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Humidifier Spray Fan With Night Light

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Please Note:

This product has two modle : Remote control and No Remote control. Please check carefully before purchasing.

Product description:

Colour: White/ Green

Classification: With remote control / No remote control

Motor type: Brushless motor

Wind speed gear: 3rd gear

Function: Spray humidification, night light, cold fan. With a remote control can be timed for 1-3 hours.

Water tank capacity: 2.5L

Additional features: Spray Humidification, Night Light

{Featured} Three Major Functions: Humidifier, Fan, Night Light

Additional information

Rotation Way

Without Rotation

Model Number

Humidifier Spray Fan





Power Source


Fan Speed

Third Gear

Rotary Vane Quantity


Controlling Mode

Remote Controlled








Cooling Only

Max. Power


Wind Type

Natural Wind, Sleep Wind, Prevailing Wind

Max. Timing Limit

<2 hours

Air supply mode

Rotary Vane

Voltage (V)


Power (W)


Timing Function

1-2 hours

Remote Control Function


Brand Name



Mainland China

18 reviews for Humidifier Spray Fan With Night Light

  1. D***k

    Nakazhy slozhovach. My mother is loved by home. The fan is quiet. Pratsyu in 3 modes. The sound is not necessary. Yo timer. Function of the city of vovnya pratsyu on 100% Mai Tezh with 3 cuts. The pidsvitika mode. The water supply is great 3 litri, if it is allowed to lead the pratsyuvati without finishing. In the sets, the remote control of the oil can keruvati by remote control. See the purchase of Al. Volozhuvach of zrobiaty with Yakish plastic, no matter of cheapness. I didn’t go along to give away already enough yakisnu rich for such a penny. Delivery to Warsaw 7 days kurʼur dodom. Super purchase! Recommend!

  2. A***.

    The command with which it comes, does not work. I have removed the plastic from the battery and I have tested the battery in another control that I had previously and if it works. The problem is the command

  3. S***o

    Happened super fast! Works very well

  4. Customer

    It’s a present for my wife.She likes it very much.This fan is very windy, and it has three gears to control it.The night light is very beautiful and you can choose to turn it on or off.The humidifier atomizes well and it works well in our bedroom. The atomization mode can be controlled. You can choose between two nozzles alternating, two nozzles simultaneously, two nozzles intermittently.The tank has a large capacity and you don’t need to add water frequently. I’m quite satisfied.

  5. m***o

    Very useful

  6. D***a

    Very pretty, humidifiers and fan work well and it is refreshing. Material looks good

  7. a***r

    Really good that he’s really top Little

  8. J***L

    Very good follow-up, fast, for now is working really well, happy with the seller

  9. M***s

    I thought that it is not connected to the current but if the control has to be connected it is to turn it on and off and other functions that manual also do it. Not worth paying more for the command.

  10. P***a

    The humidifier arrived defective. Only one of the humidifiers works. Not the other one! Other than that, everything else works, like the fan. And it has light, which you can control the brightness by the button or the control! The humidifier is really cool!

  11. M***E

    The device works well. However, it is a bit noisy for those who want to use it during the night.

  12. g***g

    FABULOUS. with ice cools the environment in a moment.

  13. s***r

    brilliant product blows really nice cold air

  14. Customer

    The material looks very good. The ventilation function has 3 speeds, on Speed 1, no noise. He orients himself very well. I use it on my desk so not tried the function with water.

  15. Customer

    Very impressive. You impressed me.

  16. S***r


  17. Н***а

    Thank you for the product. Works well. Small and cute. But I thought it was charging, but it doesn’t work without a wire. Came Early

  18. M***a

    Very nice

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