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Handsfree Wireless Aux Audio MP3 Player

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Dark GreySliver
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Additional information

Brand Name


Model Name

Car FM Transmitter Bluetooth

Out Power

5V/3.1A (Max)

Material Type

Aluminum Alloy



Item Weight


Special Features

Car Charger ; Car Bluetooth Transmitter

Item Size



Baseus Engergy Column Car Wireless Mp3 Charger


Dark Grey, Sliver



USB Output

5V/3.1A (Max)

Feature 1

Car Wireless Bluetooth Mp3 Player / FM Transmitter

Feature 2

For iPhone 11 Pro Max Samsung Not 10 Xiaomi USB Car Charger

Feature 3

Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter,Mobile Phone Car Charger, Fast Charger

Feature 4

handsfree fm transmitter / fm modulator transmitter

Feature 5

radio transmitter / fm transmitter bluetooth car

Feature 6

Transmitter bluetooth / bluetooth fm transmitter

Feature 7

usb bluetooth adapter for car / car fm transmitter

Feature 8

car mp3 player usb / bluetooth transmitter car / Car charger

Feature 9

car fm transmitter bluetooth / bluetooth car fm transmitter

Feature 10

fm transmitter for smartphone / car bluetooth fm transmitter

Feature 11

bluetooth car transmitter / blue tooth transmitter

Feature 12

car bluetooth transmitter / bluetooth car mp3 player

Feature 13

fm bluetooth transmitter / fm modulator bluetooth

Feature 14

bluetooth modulator / fm transmitter aux / Fast Charger

Feature 15

aux mp3 player / aux bluetooth transmitter / Car-charger

Feature 16

bluetooth audio transmitter / fm-transmitter

Feature 17

wireless fm transmitter / Mobile Phone Car Charger

70 reviews for Handsfree Wireless Aux Audio MP3 Player

  1. D***n

    In Mo came in 3 days, 936 rubles. Packing damaged. The quality of performance is excellent. Works perfectly, the sound quality is decent, who works with interference I advise you to find another frequency. Playing with USB did not try.

  2. V***a

    It’s fine! There’s almost no noise. Looks good. Customize easily

  3. E***r

    works great. thanks

  4. G***m

    Great thing. I took myself and my father.

  5. V***v

    Очень долго, но устройство огонь

  6. V***v

    The second is already ordering, the numbers do not work! Money to the wind!

  7. Customer

    works great, the sound is solid, connection fast

  8. R***s

    Good quality, works perfectly.

  9. Y***o

    It’s fine. Fast delivery, working functions. Connected via Bluetooth, plays, works pause and switch tracks or stations in the app. At me on Focus 2 standard radio and I hear noise as with bad signal radio, but very weak.

  10. S***z

    Working perfectly. Used with another to put it in 108.0, it is now in 87.5 (99.9 does not have 100.0 to 108.0)

  11. K***r

    Think more impossibly hotness. Bad stripes Al did for a living Jack put Dolly the cotton comforter children-ohm. USB music on Dame heard the sound is some small seemed

  12. S***o

    As it describes it, all perfect, not tested because my radio is not compatible. I arrive super fast because the shipment was from Spain so I arrive quickly.

  13. M***n

    Super FM transmitter is my second for my other car. I recommend

  14. J***a

    Great product for already works perfectly. With a little noise but is perfect. Color very beautiful. this good.

  15. S***o

    The order came too quickly. Well packed. Can be used as a gift. I haven’t. Thanks store

  16. D***o

    It’s working, even calls are going well. He’s the first one to prove he’s doing well in everything.

  17. T***n

    It’s impossible to get a clean sound in a big city because all of FM frequencies are occupied by radio stations so the transmitter must compete with it.

  18. W***o

    All OK

  19. I***v

    Заказываю второй раз уже подобный экземпляр. первый подарил после полуторагодового пользования. заказал себе новый. качество на высоте. данный фм модулятор на мой вкус является лучшим. как эстетике иак и по звучанию + микро + удобство использования

  20. A***o

    It came at old prices. Works. The only if during listening to charge the phone phonite.

  21. M***v

    Пришло за 5 дней в СПб. По качеству вроде нормально. Все работает. Для снижения фонового шума нужно громкость на устройстве и на телефоне выставить на максимум и регулировать громкость потом уже на магнитоле. Флешку не пробовал использовать. Воткнул в розетку в багажнике – блютуз берет уверенно, радио передает нормально. Помехи естественно бывают, но это и понятно.

  22. M***n

    Not a good thing. Reodically turns off and there are a lot of pumps.

  23. A***n


  24. G***j

    Shipping fast and well arrival sunlight yes usage is a bit difficult new bike looks like a description of some need to as requirement

  25. I***n

    Excellent sound for its price. Just need to set up correctly. I, too, first at the frequency of 88.5 heard a hissing and a weak sound, but after reading the reviews, I realized that it is necessary to put 99.9 and the maximum sound sound sound After that, everything became much better and cleaner.

  26. E***v

    It came quickly, connects on Bluetooth to the phone instantly, so that there was a normal sound you need to find an empty wave and increase the volume on the transmitter. From the flash drive plays better than on Bluetooth. Charging like fast on honor.

  27. N***a

    Sent and reached quickly, new mail. works well, I recommend.

  28. M***o

    Really cool thing. Before that, there are many and different. Clear sound. As far as possible. Fast phone charging. Convenient button. Cool, which shows the voltage in the network. Took about the version. It came in 3 days.

  29. V***n

    It came fast, it works great. Recommend it.

  30. Customer

    Awesome thing, sound fire!

  31. Customer

    Bluetooth for your super easy car.

  32. E***i

    It connects to the vehicle but with noise, low volume, does not work well.

  33. A***e

    the package was damaged a bit

  34. S***s

    The modulator is good. Got connected instantly. The sound is medium, not clean. There are strange noises. But in general you can listen. Came very quickly. 17 days in Odessa. Thank you store!

  35. R***r

    100% satisfied though you use FM and call interference is generated serves well for music

  36. M***i

    looks good

  37. G***l

    I bought it because it said it was very good. It’s one more like anyone. For 17 a scam. It would have to cost 5 €

  38. R***y

    Works well!)

  39. D***o

    Everything is super, everything works! Seller recommend! A nice bonus was the USB Type C cable as a gift!

  40. D***x


  41. O***n

    The same description

  42. E***v

    Все работает как и заявлено. Единственный минус – это цепляющийся внутри за что-то шлейф кнопки управления. Снял видео и там это явно видно. Не знаю как на других экземплярах, но на моем это есть. Большая вероятность, что шлейф достаточно быстро из-за этого перетрется и управление частично или полностью пропадет. Выводы делайте сами. P. S. К сожалению, нет возможности добавить видео, а только фото(

  43. D***v

    All is well, the delivery is delayed for a couple of days. The sound is good, sometimes there are noise.

  44. R***r

    It doesn’t sound good, it’s too low.

  45. F***t

    The rich class looks at yak in the picture. Shvidko came.

  46. A***t

    Super, not much expensive seems, but like it’s worth it, but now with the current course I sooo successfully bought in the 1.2 K area. Stereo sound!

  47. I***v

    Hisses the pzdc, on three of the verified. Money to the wind

  48. W***w

    Super good, I recommend it. To use the change song command it instantly does. Plus it’s super compact. I don’t use it as a charger yet but as a radio transmitter it’s excellent, since that’s what I needed.

  49. A***r

    хорошая штука. звучание не плохое.

  50. Customer

    Fast shipping performance better Thank you very much

  51. M***z

    All running machine easy to operate. Recommend buying. Paired with IPhone 8.

  52. L***o

    Delivery fast, 18 days from order. Works well, packed in brand packaging. The voltmeter shows a value of 0.1 V more, but it is not bad given the size of this device. Charging ports work. In general, the whole purchase was pleased. Recommend it.

  53. U***s

    It’s cool, all right, no noise, in the mood, the Blues are quiet, the body of metalawi. Arrived in 17 days, frozen that day in bagathos stores, the CE arrived nishvich. Nova puta.

  54. Customer

    Super fast charge laptops by car

  55. P***a

    The product is great and it comes exactly as it is described but it suffers a lot from static noise. Given that the quality of the audio due to this static noise sucks I cannot recommend this product to anyone… There are people that do not report having this problem but it’s a shot in the dark, it might happen to you or it might not. Your money your gamble.

  56. T***o

    It seems well built and works fine!

  57. P***n

    Good sound, interference minimum, there is but not to say that interfere, need to be tested with the range. Good appearance, easy to adjust.

  58. U***s

    One of the best shops

  59. F***r

    The object received looks much like that of the announcement but on the other hand the quality and frankly horrible. It shells constantly and the sound is very weak. So I will try to return it to be refunded because it is very unpleasant to listen to music with sizzling!!!

  60. V***u

    The device does not work. The problem is that the device conveys noise. You can not listen to music in the car with it. I do not recommend the device.

  61. K***l

    Very good product fast and safe shipping,

  62. 2***r

    Great quality product, can buy without fear!

  63. L***l

    Very fast delivery to Omsk. All the stated functions perform, even the microphone transmits sound with tolerable quality. But the main downside is that there is a background, and that started with a muffled motor, so melomans pass by, and those who need to just play then take, do not regret. By the way, as a gift the store put also a USB Type C cord.

  64. A***z

    In Latvia (Riga) sent in 3 weeks. Bad only that if the cigarette lighter socket is horizontal-ports at the bottom (otherwise the monitor is upside down)

  65. E***v

    From Moscow to Bashkiria came in a week, corresponds to the description, the adjustment took less than a minute, everything works, the place takes little, looks decent-anodized aluminum, the sound is good for FM transmittera. To buy for old radio without flash drive and USB definitely recommend!

  66. M***o

    Matches the description until tested

  67. L***r

    Do not order in the store, if you do not want to be stolen. Send by the service meest, which can not find the parcel in the office neither to issue any documents that with the parcel. The order was made 11.11.21,11.02.22 a dispute was opened as the parcel hung (19.01.22-left the intermediate service), while the dispute of its points of movement is filed as far as (14.02.22 handed to the recipient), naturally here the dispute is closed closed closed 13.02.22 on the same day, an appeal was filed and it hangs until the day of writing of this recall for consideration. I write to the support service Ali-express reaction 0, one promise and delay, wait 48 hours, wait 5-7 days. Already the store agreed that the parcel is not received and Ali money does not return! Here is the buyer support for you! Ali-express stole $40!!!

  68. C***r

    Excellent Product

  69. Customer

    Good מעוד

  70. J***u

    Order received quickly. Some sizzling. Missing some frequencies stations ex: 108.00 because 87,50 suffers a little. Good material beautiful finish… I did not know this brand

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